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MARATHON RUNNERS! We got your back


Despite your best intentions, do you find yourself falling short of your fitness targets?


WILD’s accountability structure makes sure you stay on track.


Do you track your fitness data but don’t know what to do with the metrics?


We present data in plain English so you increase understanding of yourself and can see your progress.  


Finding it hard to pick out what really makes a difference to efficiency and enjoyment of your workouts?


To maximise your learning and self-improvement, we generate recommendations bespoke to you.


Wish you knew what your fitness data said about you?

The best place in the world for monitoring your physical and mental wellbeing linked to the training you do.


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       “The best result so far has been to get me off my butt and back on the bike!” 

"I’ve previously competed in running, cycling, and triathlon at a fairly high level, but haven’t done much for a few years and have been struggling to find the time and motivation to get back on it.

I initially had some reservations about Wildo; the fact it’s a bot - since I work in artificial intelligence I know how wrong bots can go (e.g. Microsoft’s Tay bot!). However, Wildo has had no such problems and the process has been pretty smooth so far.

Wildo is always there to give me a bit of extra motivation in the morning (I hate early mornings!) and congratulate me after a hard workout. Having a constant reminder of my goals for the season has been a great motivator, and so the best result so far has been to get me off my butt and back on the bike!"

Paul Harrison
Paul H.
Cyclist and ex-Team GB triathlete, data scientist

                                 "I did not realise at first it was an automated system"” 

"I very much like the concept and the idea you have someone who can advise you, and you can get a reply instantaneously. 

I did not realise at first it was an automated system. I thought there was someone on the other side.
I like the idea of challenge every day which can help my fitness and work towards my goal"

Nathalie S.
Nathalie S. First Half Marathon ran in February 2018

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